About us

About usNational University of Tainan Affiliated Primary School was formerly named “Tainan First Public School”, founded at Confucian Temple in 1898. It was assumed to be the affiliated public school by Tainan Normal School in 1921. After Taiwan’s retrocession to Chinese Sovereignty, the R.O.C. government renamed it ‘‘Tainan Normal School Affiliated Primary School’’. Mr. Jhang, Jhong-Ren was the first principal, then Wang, Er-Sin, Li, Bo-Cheng, Jhou, Sia-Ruei, Sun, Han-Zong, Gan, Meng-Long, Guo, Cong-Guei, Wang, Wan-Cing, Wu, Sin- Hua, Wang, Zhe-Yu, Zhou, Yi-xiong, Hsu, Chih-ting served as the following principals. In 2004, as National Teachers’ College was elevated to be a University, National Tainan Teachers’ College Affiliated Primary School was renamed “National University of Tainan Affiliated Primary School.” The present principal is Mr. Hsu, Chih-ting.
National University of Tainan Affiliated Primary School is a famous Primary School in Tainan City with its long history and commendatory tradition. There are 36 general classes, 3 resource classes, and 5 kindergarten classes in this school. The campus landscape is graceful and the teaching facilities are complete. Teachers in this school are professional and cooperative. Teaching is normalized to ensure the students’ learning is in balanced development, with an emphasis on life guidance and learning assistance. It is advocated that life is education and activity is learning. The sense of mission and unity in our teaching team is positively focused. It is a dynamic school that obeys the national educational laws and policies, and tallies with the educational concepts. This school is full of innovation, variety and abundant social resources. It focuses on the needs and experiences of the students and the teachers as well. It serves the functions of experimental research and teaching demonstration.